Page 01 Inch Socket Head Cap Screws
Page 12-16 Inch Series Flat Socket Head Cap Screws
Page 17-18 Inch Series BHCS
Page 19-20 Low Head Cap Screws
Page 21-25 Inch Socket Set Screws
Page 26-27 Inch Series Socket Head Shoulder Screws
Page 28 Inch Series Dowel Pins
Page 29-31 Inch Series Socket Pressure Plugs
Page 32-34 Inch Series Hex Keys
Page 35-44 Metric SHCS
Page 45-46 Metric Button Head Cap Screws
Page 47-49 Metric Flat Socket Head Cap Screws
Page 50-51 Metric Cup PT SS
Page 52 Metric Dowel Pins
Page 53-54 Metric Shoulder Screws
Page 55-58 Metric Hex Keys
Page 59-68 Inch Series and Metric Threads
Page 69-71 Material Hardness Values
Page 72-73 Inch and Metric Fastener Identification
Page 74 Steel Designations
Page 75-82 High Strength Bolted Joints